For teachers

Teachers working with multilingual children need to find out as much as possible about their language background. However, building a language profile of learners’ multilingual language experience can present a number of challenges.

The aim of the Q-Bex project is to work with researchers and practitioners to establish a consensus regarding what aspects of the multilingual language experience we need to measure in school settings and for what purpose. In the initial phase of the project the focus is on working together with teachers to identify how best to obtain the relevant information, and to agree procedures and methods to do so. This process will only succeed if it is co-constructed as a genuine collaboration between researchers and practitioners.

We invited representatives of the teaching profession in the UK to contribute to a scoping workshop in January 2020, to inform the design of a Delphi consensus survey. While this will place an emphasis on children with English as an Additional Language, we will aim to include teachers from many other countries (and languages) in the Delphi survey.

If you would like to apply to take part in the survey, you will find more information as well as a link to register your expression of interest on our Delphi page.  Deadline: 11th of March 2020.